Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I am a friend of God.

Someone hurt my daughter's feelings yesterday, and in turn hurt mine. Moms tend to feel everything their children do, tenfold, and then spend the rest of the day (and night, in my case unfortunately!) plotting a revenge.

Ironically most of my resentment stems from the fact that this parent is a Christian whom we have know for years. I was angry because I felt that for a friend to be unkind was such a betrayel, and if they are that inconsiderate then they can't be my friend. In my mind Christians aren't selfish and mean spirited and gossipy. They are kind and loving and, forgiving. Ahem. So while I wasted hours stewing with self righteous anger at this "so called Christian's" lack of love, I was living out exactly the same sin. What is that about a plank in your own eye? Ouch!

So as I sat down to vent share, I realized I was singing "I am a friend of God"... and therein lies the answer I prayed for last night. God is my friend, my support, my One True Constant. He is always here for me (and my family) when others let me down. How awesome that the One Who created the heavens is my friend. He wanted to be with me so much that He let His Son suffer injustices for me. The anger I am feeling at a betrayel of my child, He is well acquainted with. He has been there, and His child truly was perfect.

Once again I am overwhelmed at what He really did for me, and come to Him asking for a renewed spirit, mind and heart. A spirit that keeps my eyes so focused on Him that the hurts of this world won't matter, beacuse the only One who matters is Him. A mind that takes every thought captive to His Word. And a heart that is so filled with His love that I am more concerned with the hurts I inflict than the ones I receive.

Thank You Father God for Your grace and mercy. You are greater than all others and I praise You in all things. Thank You for blessing me so abundantly with such a rich life that the biggest problem facing me today is a rude comment by another. Thank You that my children are happy, well adjusted, energetic children with fun friendships and a heart for others. Let me come to You with a heart like theirs and childlike faith. Thank You for being You, always and forever.


Military Mommy said...

What a beautiful post. Yeah, the plank in our own eye is painful to see but I think it brings us into a closer relationship with Jesus every time. I need to be reminded of my plank quite often. ;)

Have a great day,

Barb said...

Unfortunately, some Christians are mean and thoughtless and careless how they treat other people. They're human. And He's not. And that's exactly why we need Him.

Beautiful post. I love your honesty.

Amanda said...

Good for you Kelly! I am so proud of you for being honest and finding resolve in our heavenly Father! You are precious and you are such n encouargement to me!!

I love that song too!