Friday, December 11, 2015

Two years have passed since I last posted here.
Two years of life that I mostly want to forget. When I last wrote here, Cailin was a junior and Cassidy a freshman. We had high hopes for the year and the girls were eager to accomplish big things.
Instead we began a journey of concussion recovery, hopelessness, isolation, fear, rebellion , anger doubt.... any negative emotion you can name, we have had it. Multiple hospitalizations, doctor visits far too numerous to count, specialists in areas I never even knew you could specialize, and a seemingly never ending battle with pain, in all forms.
But I miss writing, even just for myself to reflect back on. I miss recording God's faithfulness, so I can be reminded when all looks lost, that He has carried us before and He is carrying us still.
He is never changing, He is ever faithful. He is God. He is Good. He is Truth.
I need to remind myself that the journey is far from over; He is still writing our story and He is still faithful to fulfill His Word- that His plans are for us to prosper, and not falter, that He has goodness and mercy for us all the days of our lives. That He promises favor and redemption.
So I write. And remember.

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