Sunday, December 13, 2015

His grace transforms. His love changes. His peace sustains.
Yet His message in much of the church today has been diluted and distorted to put the emphasis on us. On our efforts. On our behavior.
God knew we could never be enough, could never measure up to Him.
He didn't expect us to. He knows that we are not perfect- The One Who is perfect recognizes our frailty more than any other.
And blessedly He loves us so much He took care of everything.
Think of that statement.
He took care of everything.... every thing. Jesus paid the price, made the way, and then ascended to be our Advocate at the Father's right hand.
Is there anything more glorious or encouraging than that?
He did it all.
So we don't have to.
We can rest. We can be still.
We can enjoy life- the gift of our Father.
Praise Him!!

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