Saturday, July 21, 2012

overshadowing my joy

In the morning I love to scroll through decorating and family posts of some of my favorite blogs. Before long I am inspired to cook healthfully for my family, do devotions with the girls each day, and redecorate the whole house in a new style. I'm invigorated and encouraged, which is good, and the benefit of so much information readily at our fingertips.

But. Then I find myself take it one step further, and start a downward spiral of "why". Why didn't I do this when my girls were younger, why didn't I do that for our home? Why do we not eat this or shop there? Why am I not as "fill in the blank" as that person, and why don't my children do this and why does my husband do that? Why, why, why?

I completely lose perspective.

The truth is that I have an amazing life, a wonderful husband, and girls who set the sun (as far as I am concerned)!  I have done lots of fun and educational things with my girls, have filled our home with love and laughter, and insist on organic on the days we don't have fast food. Ha!  I have done my best, which means not perfect, but always striving. Sure, I have missed the mark, but we all have, we just don't all advertise it on the internet for everyone to see.

What I see on pinterest or blogs or facebook is what people want us to see. They're sharing the best of their lives, to encourage and inspire. I'm  the one who chose to compare.

So I realize God has shown me something through this. It is good to encourage one another, in all areas of our life. But it is up to us to remember that He gave us each a unique life. We are to walk our own walk, and enjoy our own journey, not look to the left and right to see how our trip stacks up to our neighbor. If we stay our own course, the view is fantastic, it is a voyage planned  just for us by the master travel agent. But if we start to compare, we not only go off course, we lose our joy.

I want the joy. I want to absorb every detail of this wonderful life God has given me. When he says He has given us this day, and we choose life or death in our words, I am going to be intentional in choosing life. Life and life abundant.

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MarytheKay said...

I know you wrote this a while ago--but it is beautiful! Such good, good words for me to remember!