Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Random thoughts...

A day with a breeze and no humidity makes your life seem almost instantly problem free. I'm convinced the breeze carries hugs from God.

I love the fact that my girl's friends know there is always sweet tea in the fridge, and help themselves to it. Ditto with anything else they need, nothing makes me happy like knowing people feel at home in my home.

Cailin has always rubbed our elbows for comfort. I used to fuss at her to please (!) give me a break, knowing I would miss it one day, and yet still needing my space. I love that she now still grabs my forearm upon awakening, for that connection, even though she outgrew the elbow rubbing.

I have an amazing life. Sometimes I think I forget that!

I really need to give up diet coke for good, and yet it is so addicting. I am weak!

Life is good, as these pictures prove...

Moongate at King's Wharf Bermuda

 The girls at Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda
 Cailin and her hearts. The girl IS love.
 The ones I love. More than life.
 Captures the crazy that we are, and that I love.


Anonymous said...

Nice post!

Btw, great pictures too;)

Kelly - Talk of the House said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Bermuda! You lucky girl (and family.)
Hope you are having a fun 4th!