Saturday, June 11, 2011

Endings Bring Beginnings

Last Walk Home From the Bus Together
Yesterday was the last day of school for the year. Typically a day I celebrate, because I love having my girls home, and the lazy days of summer together.
But this ending was bittersweet because it meant the end of middle school, another chapter ending, and goodbyes to be said.
The girls both came home with tear streaked faces. Cailin saddened as she prepares to leave her new friends to attend high school with her Daddy, instead of the school around the corner with her friends.
Cassidy broken hearted to learn that her best friend would be moving an hour away before they return for 7th grade.
Yet even as we grieve these losses, I have hope, knowing God is preparing the next step for them.
These changes are a reminder of God's great love for us, for we only mourn loss if we have first celebrated the gift.
So while I am sad to see the days of shared middle school evaporate, I am excited to see the great things ahead.
We are never free to receive, until we first let go, and so today I relinquish my strangle hold on the yesterdays and look forward to the tomorrows to come.

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maria said...

Hi Kelly, thanks for stopping by!! Your family and girls are beautiful, so great to meet you!