Monday, May 10, 2010

Working Myself Out of a Job

An acquaintance told me last week that while Rusty's gift to me of a weekend away was fabulous, she herself could never have actually gone.
She explained that she "just couldn't leave her children" , she had never been away from them, and she just wouldn't enjoy herself.
Her insinuation was that she was a more devoted mother, but "good for me for being able to think of my own sanity and get away".
It made me laugh, because even though I missed the girls, I also knew they were as cherished with Daddy as they are with me.
They love their time together as much as I enjoy being recharged by my solitude by the ocean.
More importantly though, my job as a mother is to teach my children how to live without me, to guide them into loving, capable adults
who are able to thrive outside the safe nest of our home.
Do I like my job description? NO!
I have a lump in my throat even typing this.
However, disliking the objective doesn't change it.... my responsibility as their Momma is to prepare them for independent life.
I look at their confidence and ability to make choices on their own,
 and I realize I am succeeding.
I am working myself out of the only job I love.

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Denise said...

everytime i leave my three i leave with a lump in my throat... but absence always does make this heart grow fonder. and i need to leave, be refreshed, and come back and love them again for all new reasons.