Saturday, May 08, 2010

The New 30?

Rusty surprised me last Friday.
He sent me away, with a precious friend, for a weekend of pampering and relaxation.
He made reservations at a hotel he knew I had been eager to visit.
He gave me an envelope of cash for tipping ... things he always does for me and knew would fluster me.
Another envelope held spending money for a shopping trip on the way to the beach.
He programmed my GPS so I could focus on laughing and not getting lost.
He made sure we would visit the spa, which was an easy sell for both of us.
When we returned he had cleaned the house, even the floors.
Dinner was waiting, and everyone survived. (Except the bird... let's not talk about that.)
40 really is fabulous.

I love this girl. She gets me.
We laughed the entire trip. Well, except for the tunnel under the bay portion. Then we prayed.
Alone at the top of the hotel enjoying my Bible study in solitude. God is so good.
This was my view while I was spending my time with God... 21 stories in the air. Breathtaking.

So another milestone has come and gone, and I survived.
Not only survived, but marked it with an exclamation point, and with a friend who will help me remember it forever.

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Amanda said...

You are 40 and totally fabulous! You inspire me!