Monday, June 15, 2009

A Few Rocks Loose

Edited to add: My Mom saved the day, as usual! While I was at VBS with Cailin Monday evening, she came by and neatly reassembled my wall. It looks great! My Mom rocks... pun intended:-)

So we moved into our new home two months ago, and it has pretty much rained nonstop ever since. Rusty has been hobbling around in a back brace, unable to bend over, and I have been scrambling just to maintain. Not progress, necessarily, just maintain. We have great plans for our home, and can't wait to turn it into the show place we can envision, but with busy schedules and a recovering husband, we haven't been able to implement them yet. Oh, yes, and we also are waiting for the architectural review committe to approve our "radical" color choices of black shutters and red doors, as opposed to the current faded hunter green.

The house sat empty for 6 months, so there were a lot of maintenance things that required our immediate attention, such as a new water filtration system, exterminator treatment, gutters full of leaves and a lawn that is growing at the speed of light. We inherited a pseudo- retaining "wall" at the front of the property, which never has appealed to me, but seems to have potential in Rusty's eyes. The problem with it, is that it consists of stacked rocks which pitch forward and refuse to stay in place, an ironic dilemma for something supposedly supporting the dirt behind it. Nevertheless, it could be beautiful given much time and attention, and undoubtedly some money for good measure. All things we are currently in short supply of. Basically the wall is on our list, but it hasn't inched its way to the top, just yet.

So today as I sat with my girlfriend Susan, chatting and eating pizza while my fresh from the shower wet hair dries into a frizz, the neighborhood association president stops by to ask me if I (or my children- small girls, by the way!) could pick up the loose rocks in the wall because "people have been complaining about it". You have got to be kidding me. I'm not talking a stone wall that has fallen down into rubble here. I'm talking about a 3 row high stone edging for a flower garden, with rocks kicked loose from the deer who clamber up the incline on a nightly basis. You can barely even notice them. I mean, we don't intend to leave them, but to complain about them?? Seriously??
I took the girls to see what we could do, and the answer is nothing. Those rocks aren't light, and they aren't budging! So I guess we will be forking over some cash this weekend, to repair the wall that I don't even like.
Let's hope they don't peek inside the house. After this weekend's festivites they may see worse than a few loose rocks!


Brenda said...

Oh I would have totally had to pull out the sob story about husband's back, etc.

Gee whiz!!!

Angie said...

dont make me come down there!