Saturday, January 17, 2009

What A Difference A Day Makes

Yesterday I was looking forward to a long overdue dinner with my husband and close friends. At Bonefish. One of our favorite date restaurants.

Instead, I spent 2 hours in the pediatricians office, waiting for the results of strep and flu tests. By the time we left their office the lights were off and the parking lot was empty. Cassidy was starving, so I caved and said yes to nuggets and milkshakes from McDonalds. Bad idea for the sister who has been coughing uncontrollably for the better part of two days. Daddy will be cleaning up the floor mats tomorrow morning. 'Nuff said.

Thanks to the drive through window at CVS I was able to obtain the magical cough potion that promises sleep for us all tonight. I'm especially hoping it is effective, as the little sister started sneezing this evening, and is apparently nipping at the heels of the cold Cailin has been battling. Ugh!

Yesterday I believed this would be the view of the laundry room entry of my new home...

Today the realtor called with the heartbreaking news that another offer had been made for "our house". The "good" news is that if we are willing to sell our soul, sacrifice equity, and attempt to own two homes indefinitely in a plummeting housing market, I can still have my dream home. Hmmm tough decision.
Yesterday I was very proud of my ability to trust God in everything.
Today I realized it is easy to trust God, when things are going my way.
Father God, please keep my eyes and heart focused on you. Always and in everything.


Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

Hoping your girl is better soon!

God has THE house for you...I'm just sure of it!

Bev said...

It's hard to hear what God wants for us sometimes. Our pastor told us to listen for 'echos' of God talking to us. We'll be praying you hear, loud and clear, which direction he wants you to go. I do know in this market realtors are pretty desperate for sales, and our daughter and her husband have been in this situation several times lately, with a realtor gently pushing them to jump into a bidding war on what would be their biggest investment. Each time they've held back and the other bidders have either been disqualified or withdrawn their bid. They're still in the process right now, on a foreclosure, waiting to see.

And hope the bug leaves your house soon.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Wow, our situations are so similar! (in the housing market, I mean). We found out a few weeks ago that the house next door went to someone else. We could have been in the same boat as you guys are contemplating...two mortgages, etc. but we opted not to. Just too much stress in this economy. But it is SO hard to deal with it when the house is right next door and you can just look out the window and stare at it and wish and dream. I wish you the best of luck!!

Jenny said...

Hi Kelly!
I hope your girls are feeling better by now. It's so hard when sickness interrupts our lives, isn't it? I remember last winter I had to cancel so many fun things because every time I turned around Macy was sick. I hope everyone in your house is feeling great today.

I am praying for your house situation. I know how finding that "perfect" house can tug at your heart. Houses do that to me, too. God knows where he wants your family...and wherever it is it will be perfect. Trust Him for the answer. One thing is for sure, He wants you to have a peace about it.

Have a great Monday!

Robin said...

Oh, I am sorry about the house thing. God is good, but for now it can seem kind of stinky. You have a great perspective on the whole thing!