Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Intentional Days

This past week was Cailin's "tech week" for Willy Wonka, which means she had rehearsals every night from 4-9, as they worked out the lighting, sound, costumes etc... for last weeks opening weekend. She performed 4 shows, which consumed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for both her and I, as I worked backstage on my parent committe of "props". I love it, she loves it, but my house is ready to walk away in disgust if I don't tackle the dust bunnies.

This week has been all about Cassidy's Thanksgiving Day Feast Thirsday, as I am a room mom and have the task of making sure there is enough food, and that it is all peanut free for a little guy who has severe allergies. Lots of phone calls. Lots. And lots of empty words wasted on the gossip that attached itself to those conversations.

We also had the blessing of preparing Samaritan's Purse shoeboxes to go overseas, due today for Chapel, which meant a shopping trip out in the cold last night. This is truly one of my favorite traditions with the girls, and I am so thankful their school participates, so they can share in the joy of giving to others who have so little. However, I would enjoy it more if I planned our time better and I didn't wind up wandering the aisles of Target at 8:30 the night before we needed to bring our gifts to school. Oh well, nothing a diet coke on the way can't cure. What is bedtime during the holidays anyway, right?

All this to say, the busiest time of the year has arrived with a vengeance, and I am feeling it in the chaos of our home. As I talk with other mommies, I hear the same story over and over, we are all so busy. While some of it is temporary and expected (the play), other aspects (obsessing about decorations for the party) are not important in the grand scheme of things, and actually serve as a distraction from the very things we are celebrating.

I don't like the badge of honor that our generation equates to being so busy, and pray that as these days may be full, they are not just filled with empty busy-ness, but with intention and joy.

Lord, please help me to do those things You call me to, and not be afraid to say "no" to those things which fill my time, but not my heart.


Jenny said...

"Lord, please help me to do those things You call me to, and not be afraid to say "no" to those things which fill my time, but not my heart."

Oh how I can relate to that! We're ramping up with activities around here, too. I'm trying to be mindful to make sure what we are doing is not just filling our time but more importantly filling our spirit. I actually have a post in my head about this very topic! Maybe if I can find time, I'll write it! Ha!

I pray you have a peaceful, fulfilling rest of the week.

Kathryn said...

I love your title, Kelly, "Intentional Days". It is so important that we intentionally choose to spend our time well--not as we see fit but--as the Lord leads.

There are many "good" things in which to participate and serve, especially this time of year, but we must be careful that, in choosing "good", we do not forsake the Lord's best.

No one can know (except for another mother!) how much we have to juggle. I pray that this season, and always, we would not become "distracted by all the preparations", but that we would intentionally choose to sit and listen at Jesus' feet. (Reference Luke 10:38-42).

Then, our holidays will be true Holy Days!

PS-We had OCC shoebox dedications at the Stafford campus today, too. It was so sweet; I cried throughout the entire chapel!

Brenda said...

Oh the busy badge. I know it well.

Glad to be away from it! :)

(Not that I'm never busy--but it's the exception and not the norm!)

Penless Thoughts said...

Hi Kelly, I haven't been around reading in awhile but wanted to wish you a belated Happy Thanksgiving. I appreciated your comments about busyness...something we must all watch for.