Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Great Commission

I'm thinking about what the Great Commission looks like in my life, as I sit on my front porch in solitude, soaking up a few moments of peace as the day winds down.

I came outside, thinking I would enjoy the silence that descends on the neighborhood as twilight draws near, and yet instead I found discord. The new neighbors on the corner were playing in the driveway with their young daughters, or so it appeared. The Rockwell image was distorted when I heard the mama say to the child that it was time to go, and to say good bye to daddy and the older sister. As the two year old ran down the street, crying as she prolonged the inevitable departure, my heart hurt. How it must wound each member of that family to go to sleep under two roofs, knowing they will be forever involved, and yet not attached.

Then I watched as the neighbor across the street pulled up to drop off his teenage son, "Bye Dad. Love you! See you Friday, maybe I can practice driving in the neighborhood." Minutes after the father pulled away, his wife's new boyfriend drove back into the driveway, occupying the parking spot filled only a few short months ago by the husband of the house. As I watched him close the garage and go through the doors of the home built by another man, my heart hurt.

Two families, different in every way except for one, both needing encouragement to get through the bumps in the road. As I watched their lives unfold before me, it occurred to me that maybe one way I can fulfill God's call to share His gospel with the world is by starting on my own street in the midst of middle class suburbia. Maybe instead of resenting my neighbor's boyfriend, and blaming him for the break up of what appeared to be the all American family, I can pray for him. Maybe when the toddler down the street tries to make a break for it and runs through the yards I can help her mama corral her, and offer her some words of encouragement.

Maybe if I am faithful in doing the little things, God will present me with bigger opportunities to be His light in the darkness. Maybe the Great Commission starts with baby steps.


Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

Quite the challenge, isn't it?

Good thoughts, Kelly!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Sometimes, the smallest things are also the hardest things because they are the easiest to ignore. But I think you are right on with this post.

Billy & Ann said...

What good ideas. I am always amazed at all the little things we can do to show God's love. We all need to keep that mindset.