Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Can't Wait to See The Blessing

My baby has a hurting heart and there is nothing I can do to fix it. She just found out that her best friend is attending another school next year.

Next year is a bad year to not have your best friend. Next year is middle school. Next year is the time when the kids change classes and have more freedom with their uniform, and a time she was looking forward to sharing with Isabella. Now she knows that won't be the case, and instead of eagerly anticipating the fun times ahead, she can only think about walking alone, missing her giggling companion of the past 4 years.

Cailin is a bubbly, fun-loving girl. As the firstborn she is strongwilled, outspoken, and sure of who she is. She is very much a typical 10 year old, but blessed also with an innocence and naivete towards the more wordly things many other girls are already dwelling on. I have been so grateful for this friendship with a like minded, ornery and age appropriate friend. Whenever they are together there is constant laughter. They don't put on airs and try to act sophisticated, nor do they form cliques and try to exclude. They are a delight to be around, and true blue, stick together, loyal friends. Friends like this are a rare treasure, knowledge Cailin gained at an early age when other "friends" showed their true colors. Isabella was an answer to prayer, and so now, it is heartbreaking to think of them going through middle school separately.

I know that Cailin has lots of other friends and will survive. She will still see Is on the weekends at church, and at their riding lessons and field hockey. Their friendship will continue and grow, of that I am sure. But I understand Cailin's sadness at the loss of the familiar, the expected, the sure thing of having Izzy with her at school. I know the fear of being lonely, of having noone around who really understands you, of seeing other best friends together on the playground and feeling totally, all, alone.

I understand these concerns, and they hurt my heart as well. Yet my job as her Mommy is to guide her and prepare her for many more hurts to follow. So I explained to her that I understand, and I shared my own experience of having a best friend one year younger and having to go to junior high alone, similarly to her. I shared how I met other friends, and yet how Stacy and I , 25 years later, still remain like sisters. It was different, yes, but still good. I also told her that God does nothing that is not for our good, and He promises to work all things (for those who are righteous) for good.

He will bless her abundantly, beyond our wildest imaginings, if we just trust and obey. We will praise Him in all things, knowing He has great things planned for Cailin. So I am believing that this sad, sad news, news that sent my girl crying into my arms, will become a legacy of God's great mercy on her life. A story she can share with her daughter someday, when her heart is breaking, and she feels like there is nothing she can do. She can return to her Rock, and she can trust that as He provided for her, He will be true to provide for the one she loves.

He is the one, true, friend, the One who sticks closer than a brother... and so I pray that he shows Himself on her behalf; uplifting and encouraging and making her way blessed.


Vickie said...

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Kelly said...

Middle school is a tough time no matter what the circumstances - but I bet she comes out the first week with a ton of new friends!

Vickie said...

I had more time tonight to read your post about middle school. I can so relate to this since our daughter has had the same thing happen to her. I will tell you that things like this have made her more resilient and she tends to trust God more. I know it hurts our hearts when our children encounter heartache. I can't help but believe that it is His way of teaching them at a young age how to rely on Him.

I loved your post and hate that I could not address what I had read earlier today. I wanted you to know that our daughter is now an 8th grader and she has had numerous friends leave. She is still standing strong and now seeks out those new girls in our youth group that many ignore. Because of what she has endured losing her best friends who have moved out of state, the school counselor calls on her to show the new girls at school around when one moves into the district.

I believe you will see a wonderful blessing in the year to come with your own daughter!


Christy said...

The same thing happened to me at the same age. At the time I thought the world was coming to an end. I feel her pain (and yours as a mother too). Unfortunately we can't make the hurt go away, but with God's help we sure can love them through it. Good luck to both of you as you face this turmoil.