Sunday, September 30, 2012

There's nothing like that smile to melt our hearts. Especially after so many years of shyness, to see her whole personality shine thrills our hearts. I'm especially thankful for this sweet smile when she is in the midst of a three girl pile up, as they all called the ball at the exact same time, and landed in a heap.
I love that she sees the humour and keeps it in perspective.
 Ready for the serve, they have different funny hand holds they do. I'm so glad shes having the experience of team sports, unlike her Momma who really doesn't enjoy sweating.  I had no idea how she would love volleyball, and be surprisingly (to me) good at it. Even better than her powerful serve, though, is the grace she shows when mistakes are made, both her own and others. Consistently smiling and encouraging her team mates, she has made us so proud.
 Cheerleaders in the dunk tank. Quite the fund raiser!
 I love these girls. Good friends make all the difference, and this one is a special blessing to my girl.

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