Friday, April 01, 2011

A Little Princess

Christian Youth Theater
We are so blessed to have this opportunity for the girls, to enjoy being a part of
quality theater in a Christian environment.
This was only the third time Cassidy has opted to do a show,
and I'm so glad she did. I loved seeing both girls on stage,
they just made me smile every time I saw them.
 Daddy and his "seminary girls".
She was happy that she had a line in this show and got to wear a mic.
That is pretty much the goal of every girl in every show:-)
 Daddy and Cailin, who played "Becky", the best friend of the little princess.
This was such a great role for her and really stretched her acting ability.
She was an orphan who works as a maid and it about broke her Daddy's heart to watch her;
she was very convincing and pitiful!
 Nana always likes to see the last show,
 even though she and Papa both had already seen it opening weekend.
 The aftermath.
These are the boxes the girls carry to and from the show,
everyone has them,
and it is now a familiar sight to have these tubs full of shoes, misc clothes, notes, shoes,
perfumes, and occassionally food leftover from a forgotten lunch,
hanging out in my kitchen for days on end.
Eventually we will get motivated and cart them to the closet to wait for the next show.
 Inside a box... jazz boots and tights.
There is usually an ipod or phone in there, as well, to occupy them on long rehearsal days when they aren't called. I remember when their boxes used to contain polly pockets.
 Costume bags with the many outfits they wore, ready to go to the dry cleaners.
This is always what the house looks like for the week after, as we catch up on all the missed laundry and house cleaning that was neglected while we spent the past two weeks
 preparing for and performing the 8 shows.
It is exhausting, consuming for the whole family, and expensive, but I wouldn't miss it for the world.

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