Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Really Bad Before

When we looked at this house over a year ago, we fell in love with the neighborhood and the woods surrounding us. The high ceilings and beautiful trim work captivated Rusty,  and even though we recognized that a lot of the house wasn't our style, we weren't scared of the challenge.
We love renovating and putting our stamp on our home, and with my ideas and Rusty's effort, we're a great team. (Yes, he insists that a paintbrush fits my hand, too, but let's not test that theory, 'kay?)
As we toured the main level I saw changes I would want to make, but nothing that prepared me for what I would want to do when I saw the  master bath...
Yes, that is an extremely narrow door, and no, we aren't abnormally narrow people!
However, that is probably a good thing because we certainly never wanted to go through that door to the moldy interior, blech! You can't see the "best" part, which is the black and pink flowered powder room, which really sets off the mauve toilet and tub. I told Rusty it takes a real man to use a pink potty!
Everywhere we looked there were different, albeit consistently ugly, finishes that led me to nick name the bathroom the "train wreck".
But we agreed that we could do ugly for a while, and boy did it qualify, so we have been living with the pink and gray, and schlepping  our toiletries down the hall to the girls bathroom for showers while we saved and dreamed. Hallelujah, the time has come and Momma is gonna get a new bathtub! We are a few weeks into our reno, and I am beginning to have hope that I may shower without looking like a college coed one day soon.


Kelly Ann said...

I can't wait to see the "after" pics! Good-bye pink tub! Love it!


Oh this is so fun! (except for the shlepping! Ha!) I have one very mauve bathroom and one very green bathroom, neither of which is pretty in the least. I can't wait to do some shlepping too!!!!! But I must first get my newborn out of newbornness. One major project is all I can handle at a time! (unlike your cell phone wielding 13-yr-old! That is so funny!!) Can't wait to see your afters!! XOXO