Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Normal Is Good

Healthy kids. A happy marriage. Parents who love me.A good job with an amazing boss. The ability to worship my God without fear of consequence. Clothes to wear. Food to eat. A car that is reliable (even if filled with fast food wrappers.) Great friends. A puppy who provides unconditional love. Air conditioning on hot days, and heat on cold ones. Money in the bank. A Christian school that shares God's love with my children as well as academics. A bus that picks them up and brings them home. A pantry full of food.

Sometimes I need to remind myself of the "normal" things that aren't normal for so many hurting people in our world. My prayer is that in the daily rush for more or better, I never lose sight of the abundant life I already have.

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edie said...

I think we all need that reminder Kelly! Thanks and have a blessed day!