Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back to School

The silence is deafening. There are no t.v.'s or laptops with webkinz droning in the background. Noone is asking for a popsicle, or if they can go next door to play. I miss the sound of muffled giggles and snippets of music as the doors open and close. No nail polish is being spilled, and no dog is being carried around like a baby.

Noone needs lunch, or a sisterly dispute settled, or even a hug or cuddle as they float through the room. The kitchen has remained clean for 7 hours and I have worked uninterrupted, guilt-free. I've remained at my desk, without checking the window every few minutes to monitor the bicycle gang patrolling our cul de sac. No scooters are crashed on the lawn, and I haven't made a single koolaid icee in days.

The beach towels are folded in the closet and I find uniforms, instead of bathing suits, tossed on the floor beside the hamper. The new calendar is posted on the fridge, and forms awaiting my signature pile up on the counter.

Is it 3:00 yet?


Jen said...

Very are you bored yet?

dcrmom said...

Sounds delightful. :-)

Hey, you won the lotion! I will officially announce tomorrow morning, but I wanted to let you know.

Email me at dcrmom AT gmail DOT com with your name and an address where you would like it sent, and I will get it in the mail this week. :-)

Myrna said...

I know you miss all the activity!

I'm trying to drop in on everyone who signed up for the Fall Bible Study Giveaway. Thank you for participating. I'm sorry I didn't have a book for everyone!

We will start the study next week. I plan a preview post this Wednesday.

Hope you will join us in the study!

Bella said...

Kelli, thanks for stopping by! I love reading Sarah's blog too! Wow, the quietness in your home must be nice...I'm afraid I have forgotten what that is! These days I only dream of it! Ha ha! Enjoy the time --

AnonyMom said...

Ha! I had a similar feeling when my daughter started full-day preschool this week...eerily silent. Well, that is, when the baby slept. Otherwise I'm still busy with the wee little one, but I sure do miss the controlled chaos of having my older daughter at home all day long.

Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

Kelly, thank you for your sweet encouragement at my site today--I didn't think what I wrote was offensive, and I certainly didn't mean for it to be an indictment of anybody else's choices! I was just feeling the way you described: excited to see his learning in action! Thank you :)

Scratchin' the Surface said...

Amazing, summer can feel so long, then they go back to school and the house is empty and quiet and you long for summer to be starting all over again. Or at least a long holiday break. xoxo