Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Mommy Memory

As I was cleaning out some junk important papers from the school year, I came upon Cassidy's bus name tag, unused since the driver grasped their names sometime back in September. I placed it as a definite for the "keep pile", because it triggers one of the sweetest memories of my little Cassidoodle, and I love those reminders of their innocence.

This year is the first year the girls are on different campuses of the same school, and as such, have different drop off times. Since I am only one woman, the solution was to force, kicking and screaming allow Cassidy to ride the shuttle bus from the upper campus to her own each morning. Since there are various buses , they each had a name tag to help the teachers identify which line to put them in, and they were labeled with identification such as "Lee Hill" for the bus to that community or "shuttle" for the little bus that just runs back and forth between campuses.

Well, after Cassidy survived the terror of her first day as a bus rider, she was a little proud to sport her little name tag, and even mentioned her driver "Mrs. Shuttle". "What is her name?" I asked, surprised at the coincidence of a driver of a shuttle bus, having the name "shuttle".
"Shuttle" she said, and showed me her little tag. Oh my goodness, the sweet innocence with which she said it. I didn't laugh at the moment, but I did call Nana to ask how long I should allow her to address the driver as Mrs. Shuttle before I corrected her. I love that sweet girl!

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